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Phases of the Remodeling Process

Exploring Your Vision

Begin by making an appointment to meet with us in the comfort of your own home. This conversation will be an exploration into:

  • What you like about your home;
  • What you’d like to change;
  • Your needs and vision for your remodeling project, and
  • A comfortable budget range for the project.
We’ll outline how we work collaboratively with our clients throughout both the design and construction of their renovation.

Initial remodeling meeting

Interpreting Your Ideas

We will develop a summary of what we discussed during our initial conversation and provide some preliminary ideas for your renovation that respond to your objectives. Before design begins, we want to establish that we have heard and correctly interpreted your vision for your new living space.

Hearing and understanding your ideas is essential to our ability to design and construct just what you’re looking for from your remodeling project.

After we mutually agree that our company can meet your objectives for your project, an initial design meeting will be scheduled.

Meeting with Your Project Development Team

We have a group of design professionals, from architects to engineers, who bring the right blend of skill and expertise to meet the demands of each individual remodeling job. The right combination of players will be selected for your project and will make up your Project Development Team.

Your team will meet with you to begin creating the perfect design for your home.  The designer will build on what has been established during the initial meeting and look at what you have collected as examples of the style and specific elements you are envisioning.

We'll also review your Planning Guide to make sure we understand all of the intricacies of the remodel you have in mind. We may suggest some preliminary ideas to establish the direction for your design.

Developing remodeling plan

Reviewing the Plans

Our Project Development team will present you with a floor plan that reflects your vision of the remodel. Large-scale jobs, like additions or whole house remodels, will have storyboards as well as interior and exterior elevations that bring your project to life. We will discuss the design and make any modifications necessary to capture all your needs and wishes for your project.

By working with the construction team during design, we develop practical solutions to complex situations well in advance of construction. You can have confidence that your investment in design will result in a highly successful remodeling project.

Reviewing remodeling plan

Visiting Suppliers

Our designer will take you on several shopping trips to select all the products, fixtures, appliances, and selections necessary to complete the vision for your project.

We’ve teamed up with a handpicked network of suppliers, who offer the best in kitchen and bath products, to provide you a broader selection than any single showroom.

We talk to the suppliers before your visit so that you’re greeted by a professional who is as familiar with your needs as we are.

Selecting products for home interior

Finalizing the Details

Once you’ve selected top quality products in your price range, we develop job specifications and a final budget for remodeling. We meet with you to review the selections that have been made and make sure that you are comfortable with all the details of your project. At this point, we complete a construction agreement and proceed to the Pre-Construction phase.

Developing remodeling contract

Meeting with Your Production Team

We will have a Pre-Construction meeting where we will introduce our Production Team. These construction professionals will coordinate and take responsibility for every aspect of your construction project—from getting the necessary permits through the final punch list item and professional cleaning of your home. The Lead Carpenter will review with you the steps necessary to prepare for construction and establish a weekly meeting time so that we can keep you current on all aspects of the job.

Pre- Construction meeting

Bringing Your Remodeling Project to Life

Before your job begins, our Lead Carpenter will protect your home by using state-of-the-art temporary protection to ensure there is no damage to your home during construction.

We will use appropriate ventilation to improve the quality of the air and minimize the dust during construction.

The Lead Carpenter is responsible for coordinating our field team and subcontractors, as well as keeping the worksite safe and clean every day. Our primary objective is to make sure that we meet your expectations on timing, budget and quality.

Final Instructions and Follow-up

After your project has been professionally cleaned, we will meet with you to explain how your products or appliances work. We will give you instructions on how to clean and care for your new space so that it will retain that "new" feel and look for years to come.

If anything should need tweaking or repair, you can call our office and schedule a time for the Production Team to come out and resolve your concerns. We stand behind our remodeling projects so that you never have to worry about quality or service.


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