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Modern Family Kitchen

How do you envision your kitchen—as an energetic family center with well—planned areas for work and play?

Try this prescription for family fun and togetherness. Bright blue mosaic glass tile offering a joyous backdrop for cooking up everyone's favorite dishes. Floating blue Caesar Stone countertop, in the lighthearted shape of an exclamation point, providing a carefree surface. Warm maple cabinets organizing every family activity, from baking cookies to homework. Keep those little hands busy!

This modern kitchen artfully contrasts unadorned natural materials with the smooth streamlined look of glass and stainless steel. The vibrant mix of colors, inspired by a painting in the client's home, personalizes the space.

With three specific zones—the cooking/baking area, breakfast prep/bar areas, and the desk area—the kitchen is amazingly functional and comfortable.

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