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Added Kitchen Storage

This Victorian era home in Needham had plenty of space to work with but lacked a logical layout for the rooms. Additionally, kitchen storage was at a minimum, but the homeowners didn’t want to lose the uncluttered look of their kitchen by installing wall cabinets. They preferred an open space that allowed family and guests to interact freely from kitchen to living room, yet still addressed the storage issues in the kitchen and provided a better workflow.

In order to achieve all of this, the chimney was removed to create an open kitchen with multiple work zones and seating areas. Stools can be used at both the peninsula and the island, allowing family and guests to be close without interfering with those in the work areas. The large peninsula was designed with two levels, also keeping the sink and prep areas free from traffic. For an added touch, a TV was installed above the refrigerator for easy viewing throughout the room.

Another challenge of this remodel was maintaining the Victorian feel of the kitchen. To do this, the existing woodwork was carefully matched and the Traditional style of the cabinets was preserved. Plumbing, electrical and other mechanics of the house needed to be relocated in order to install a glassware cabinet near the sink and a spice cabinet to the left of the range, both of which were recessed. The base cabinets were outfitted with special kitchen organization products, such as a deep drawer with a peg board system for dishes, covered the remaining storage needs.

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