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Dream Bathroom

How do you picture your dream bathroom—as a magical space that whisks you away to another time and place?

Try this bath on for size. Glass tiles in the luminous colors of the sea. Wide marble ledges in a palatial milky white. Teak wood flooring from the exotic corners of Asia. Windows offering sun-kissed tranquil views of the adjacent forest.

This PRISM Award-winning bathroom remodel combines beauty with functionality. Designed for a homeowner with a disability, it inconspicuously meets certain codes and handicap parameters for Universal Design. Lever handles rather than knobs for opening doors. Light switches with large flat panels rather than small toggle switches. Bright and appropriate lighting, particularly task lighting.

We make every effort to be ahead of the curve with latest technologies, newest products and most current designs.
—Dan Tibma, Tibma Design/Build

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