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Design Build Team Approach

A “good fit” is the basis of all relationships.

It is important that you feel comfortable working with us and we feel we can work well with you to create your ideal space. Your active participation throughout the remodeling process allows us to deliver a living space that satisfies your functional needs while reflecting your style and individuality.

Depending on the size of the renovation, our relationship may span over several months. We may need to ask you about your personal habits, set priorities and develop solutions to complex issues where not all parties agree. There are several characteristics of a “good fit” that we need to agree on before we roll up our sleeves and get started on your remodeling project:

  • We are partners that respect one another’s role in the process;
  • We will follow the steps developed by Tibma to ensure a thorough and consistent approach;
  • We can be honest during financial discussions so that the best value decisions are made;
  • We will need to modify and re-think the design since it is an evolutionary process that balances needs, wants and dollars;
  • We will set clear expectations and define the next steps;
  • We will respect agreements and deadlines so that your project can finish on-time.

Making sure we are a “good fit” is a part of our formula for success. We are committed to having a terrific experience for our clients by getting off on the right foot. If you think our approach toward building a great relationship is a good fit for you, we look forward to talking with you about how we can create a winning team!

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